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About Sharebility Uganda

The main objective of Sharebility Uganda is to act as a platform for connecting the various stakeholders and developing a culture of sharing and receiving open digital resources to promote education in Uganda. There are plans for customising and extending the platform to other countries in future.

Sharebility Uganda consists of the following:

  1. An open-source digital resource pool of relevant, locally prepared educational content, appropriately categorized, reviewed and rated for quality. Some resources are premium and accessible at a fee - sharebility Uganda earns commission from such sales. -
  2. A public eLearning platform with free and paid courses – targeting nursery, primary and secondary school teachers and learners at– plus similar private custom systems built for schools.

How Sharebility Promotes Education In Rural Areas

Most of the learners in Uganda are in rural schools such as UPE/USE schools. These schools don’t have well equipped school libraries. Although many schools have recently obtained computers through programs such as UCC’s RCDF (, most of the teachers don’t have the necessary skills and resources to make good teaching and learning materials and fully utilize the computers like their counterparts in modern schools. Even access to the internet alone many not solve the scarcity of digital teaching and learning resources in Uganda because scattered documents on the World Wide Web are not tailored and categorized according to the Ugandan syllabus, making it difficult for teachers and students to find reliable academic information.

Sharebility Uganda overcomes many of the challenges involved in reaching the underserved students in rural areas through:

  • Promoting the spirit of cooperation/collaboration between teachers in various schools across the country by building a culture of sharing and receiving open digital educational resources.
  • Ensuring that quality educational resources reach remote schools and disadvantaged communities, thereby narrowing or bridging the gap between the urban and rural schools.
  • Training teachers and students in e-learning and the integration of ICT in the teaching and learning process through workshops and seminars -( and (
  • Enhancing 21st Century skills through sharing innovative teaching/learning practices in schools for educational transformation.

ICTs provide an array of powerful tools that can help in transforming the present isolated, teacher-centered and text-bound classrooms into rich, student-focused, interactive knowledge environments. By pooling resources and taking advantage of each other's expertise, learning providers can build adequate capacity, reduce redundancy in infrastructure and reduce costs. The design of a distributed heterogeneous educational resource sharing platform enables the inter-connection, inter-communication and sharing, reduces the cost of educational resources and speeds up the process of access to resources for teaching and learning. Consequently, the time and cost that would have been incurred by an institution is sharable amongst the partners through a give-and-take commitment. A map visualization of registered users of Sharebility per district in Uganda is available here.


Our Team

Mukalele Rogers

A multi-skilled and proactive Information Technology Specialist that has established a track record of competence in providing services concerning Computer Training, Web development, Hardware, Software and ICTs in general

James Boanerges Mutai

A software engineer with passion. Working on Android and website development, IT support, Entrepreneurship and business development.

Kwesiga Allan

Allan works with potential clients to assess their requirements before using his experience along with our developers to deliver the blueprint to a successful projects. He also leads the development of project databases.

Tusaba Pauline
Customer Support

A Customer Support Personnel on the Sharebility team, Pauline also looks after day to day maintenance tasks and manages the company’s social media channels