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Advanced Level (UACE) Resources (296)

Below is a listing of A-Level resources by subject.

Subject Code Subject Name No of Resources
P361/3 Acholi: Literature 4 View and Download
P361/1 Acholi:Grammar and Culture 0
P361/2 Acholi:Translation,Composition,Comprehension and Summary 0
P515/3 Agric Principles & Practice 0
P515/1 Agriculture Principles & Practice 0
P515/2 Agriculture Principles & Practice 3 View and Download
P370/2 Arabic: Comprehension, Summary & Translation 0
P370/1 Arabic: Grammar, Morphology & Composition 0
P370/3 Arabic: Literature, Prose, Poetry, Novels & Plays 0
P615/3 Art: Craft A Graphic Design (Planning) 0
P615/3 Art: Craft A Graphic Design (Test) 0
P615/4 Art: Craft B Studio Technology (Theory) 1 View and Download
P615/1 Art: Drawing & Painting from Nature & Still-Life 1 View and Download
P615/5 Art: Historical and Critical 1 View and Download
P615/2 Art: Imaginative composition in colour (Alt B) 1 View and Download
P367/3 Ateso: Literature 0
P367/1 Ateso:Grammar and Culture 0
P367/2 Ateso:Translation,Composition,Comprehension and Summary 0
P530/3 Biology 2 View and Download
P530/1 Biology 4 View and Download
P530/2 Biology 1 View and Download
P525/3 Chemistry 1 View and Download
P525/1 Chemistry 20 View and Download
P525/2 Chemistry 7 View and Download
P630/1 Clothing and Textiles 0
P245/3 CRE: Christianity in East Africa 0
P245/4 CRE: Social & Ethical Issues 1 View and Download
P245/2 CRE: The New Testament 1 View and Download
P245/1 CRE: The Old Testament 1 View and Download
P368/1 Dhopadhola 1 View and Download
P368/3 Dhopadhola: Literature 0
P368/2 Dhopadhola:Translation,Composition,Comprehension and Summary 0
P220/1 Economics 2 View and Download
P220/2 Economics 1 View and Download
P740/2 Engineering Metalwork 0
P740/1 Engineering Metalwork 0
P230/1 Entrepreneurship Education 5 View and Download
P230/2 Entrepreneurship Education 4 View and Download
P230/3 Entrepreneurship Education 0
P320/2 Fasihi ya Kiswahili :Tamthilia 0
P320/1 Fasihi ya Kiswahili:Nathari na Ushairi 0
P320/3 Fasihi ya Kiswahili:Riwaya 0
P640/1 Foods and Nutrition 1 View and Download
P640/2 Foods and Nutrition 0
P330/4 French Comp. & Translation 0
P330/2 French: Language & Reading Comprehension 0
P330/3 French: Lit & Background Studies 0
S101/1 General Paper 1 View and Download
P250/1 Geography 0
P250/2 Geography 1 View and Download
P250/3 Geography 2 View and Download
P720/1 Geometrical & Build. Drawing 0
P720/2 Geometrical & Build. Drawing 0
P710/1 Geometrical & Mech. Drawing 0
P710/2 Geometrical & Mech. Drawing 0
P340/2 German: Comprehension & Commentary 0
P340/1 German: Essay 0
P340/3 German: Prescribed Texts 0
P210/6 History of Africa (1855-1914) 0
P210/2 History: Economic and Social History of East Africa 0
P210/3 History: European History (1789-1970) 0
P210/1 History: National Movements & the New States 1 View and Download
P210/4 History: World Affairs since 1939 0
P235/3 IRE History of Islam 0
P235/2 IRE: Hadith & Fiqh 0
P235/4 IRE: Islam in Africa 0
P362/3 Lango: Literature 0
P362/1 Lango:Grammar and Culture 0
P362/2 Lango:Translation,Composition,Comprehension and Summary 0
P350/3 Latin: Prescribed Texts 0
P350/1 Latin: Prose Composition 0
P350/2 Latin: Unprepared Translation 0
P310/3 Lit in English: Novels 0
P310/2 Lit in English: Plays 0
P310/1 Lit. in English: Prose & Poetry 2 View and Download
P360/1 Luganda: Grammar and Culture 2 View and Download
P360/3 Luganda: Literature 1 View and Download
P360/2 Luganda:Translation,Composition, Comprehension & Summary 1 View and Download
P363/3 LugbaraTi: Literature 0
P363/2 LugbaraTi:Translation,Composition,Comprehension and Summary 0
P363/1 LugubaraTi:Grammar and Culture 0
P366/3 Lusoga: Literature 0
P366/1 Lusoga:Grammar and Culture 0
P366/2 Lusoga:Translation,Composition,Comprehension and Summary 0
P425/1 Mathematics 24 View and Download
P425/2 Mathematics 12 View and Download
P620/4 Music Literature 0
P620/2 Music: Aural 0
P620/3 Music: Harmony & Composition 0
P510/1 Physics 7 View and Download
P510/2 Physics 7 View and Download
P510/3 Physics 4 View and Download
P364/1 Runyakole/Rukiga:Grammar and Culture 0
P364/2 Runyankole/Rukiga:Translation,Composition,Comprehension and Summary 0
P364/3 Runyankole/Runkiga: Literature 0
S850/1 Subsidiary ICT 101 View and Download
S850/2 Subsidiary ICT 47 View and Download
S850/3 Subsidiary ICT 10 View and Download
S475/1 Subsidiary Mathematics 7 View and Download
P235/1 The Glorious Quran 0
P615/2 The Study of a living person (Alt A) & Imaginative composition in colour (sketching session) (Alt B) 0
P720/3 Theory of Build. Construction 1 View and Download
P210/5 Theory of Government and Constitutional Development 0
P730/3 Woodwork 0
P730/1 Woodwork 0
P730/2 Woodwork 0
{Other/General} 2 View and Download